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08.26.13 DRC Archive Project: LEMA

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Studio Photo LESS
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo c. 1970.
© Lema Mpeve Mervil

 Read more about this project here.



Written by Sarah Stacke

August 26, 2013 at 10:40 pm

08.12.13 Cherokee: Soco Road

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Earlier this year I began visiting the Cherokee Reservation in the western hills of North Carolina. I’m drawn to intersections of cultural politics, geography and historical events that have marginalized communities and individuals. This interest has led me to the townships of South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, and now western North Carolina. I don’t know what Cherokee will reveal to me about itself, or about myself. The history of the Cherokee people and the lands on which they live is deep and complicated and still unfolding, as is the history of the ways they have been represented.

terrain-lines_2q3e9QgvL6ETerrain (Lines). Cherokee, NC.
© Stamen Design, under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 3.0) license.

Cherokee_0181Entering Cherokee on Soco Road. Cherokee, NC. August 2013.

Cherokee_0163New Railing. Cherokee, NC. August 2013.

(Earlier posts on this topic can be seen here.)

Written by Sarah Stacke

August 12, 2013 at 1:49 pm

07.17.11 DRC: Inkisi

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When I read about Obama’s promising initiative called “Powering Africa” in the New York Times yesterday, I thought about the nights I spent in Inkisi, Democratic Republic of Congo, watching my hosts cook dinner with the light of an LED lamp. Similar to the Headlamp Series, the images below capture glimpses of typically public scenes that seem to become intimate and private in the dark. I can only imagine how this courtyard will be transformed when the electricity works through the night.

KIN_2650Mother and Daughter. 2012.KIN_2648

Mamie. 2012.

Written by Sarah Stacke

July 17, 2013 at 7:22 pm

07.11.13 DRC: Peniel at Home

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Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Peniel Katembera at home.


Written by Sarah Stacke

July 11, 2013 at 3:58 pm

05.13.13 Interviewing David Goldblatt

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In July 2011 while I was in Cape Town working on Love From Manenberg and researching apartheid-era portraiture at UCT, I had the opportunity to interview David Goldblatt. David’s responses  to my questions concerning photography and Apartheid were thoughtful and, in my opinion, brilliant. I’ve spent many hours reflecting on his words and his generous spirit in the time since this interview took place. Below is an excerpt from our conversation. Additional excerpts will be published in the coming weeks.

Images ©David Goldblatt
Interview ©David Goldblatt, ©Sarah Stacke



Woman in her mother’s home, Soweto, Johannesburg, 1972.
David Goldblatt.














Afrikaner boy, Hillbrow, Johannesburg, 1972.
David Goldblatt.

Written by Sarah Stacke

May 13, 2013 at 12:11 pm

05.06.13 DRC: Presenting DRC

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In late March I was invited to speak about my work in the Democratic Republic of Congo to the 6th, 7th and 8th grade French classes at a middle school in Hillsborough, NC. The goal was to give the students an idea how French can be used in careers, and in countries other than France. I tried, through the pictures I showed and my words, to introduce the students to the uniqueness of DRC while at the same time highlighting what Congolese youth might have in common with American youth. When I had some time to reflect after the two days of presentations, I was–perhaps naively–surprised that the overwhelming impression of Africa existing in the students’ heads was one of a rural, technologically lacking lifestyle. Very few of the students thought of Africa as a place they would like to visit. This leads to me believe that little has changed in the perception of Africa between this young generation and the one before it.

I hope my images, at the very least, caused the students to question the ideas of Africa that they held. They certainly asked me a lot of wonderful and questions about food, education, jobs, safety and housing. A good start, I think. Below are a few of letters of thanks I received following the visit. It was an absolute pleasure to show my images to such a curious crowd.


KinLetters_007KinLetters_003 KinLetters_004KinLetters_008KinLetters_005KinLetters_002KinLetters_001




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May 7, 2013 at 5:01 pm

04.24.13 Zim: Revisiting A6 to Bulawayo

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A6 to Bulawayo is a work in progress.  The pictures in this series were made during my first visit to Zimbabwe in July 2011. For more images from A6 to Bulawayo, click here.

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 2011.  Matopos National Park.Matopos Evening.

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 2011.Lion Keeper.Bulayway, Zimbabwe. 2011.

Matabeleland Produce Auctions.


Bulayway, Zimbabwe. 2011.John’s Farm.

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 2011.Picking Onions.

Written by Sarah Stacke

April 24, 2013 at 7:47 pm