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05.06.13 DRC: Presenting DRC

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In late March I was invited to speak about my work in the Democratic Republic of Congo to the 6th, 7th and 8th grade French classes at a middle school in Hillsborough, NC. The goal was to give the students an idea how French can be used in careers, and in countries other than France. I tried, through the pictures I showed and my words, to introduce the students to the uniqueness of DRC while at the same time highlighting what Congolese youth might have in common with American youth. When I had some time to reflect after the two days of presentations, I was–perhaps naively–surprised that the overwhelming impression of Africa existing in the students’ heads was one of a rural, technologically lacking lifestyle. Very few of the students thought of Africa as a place they would like to visit. This leads to me believe that little has changed in the perception of Africa between this young generation and the one before it.

I hope my images, at the very least, caused the students to question the ideas of Africa that they held. They certainly asked me a lot of wonderful and questions about food, education, jobs, safety and housing. A good start, I think. Below are a few of letters of thanks I received following the visit. It was an absolute pleasure to show my images to such a curious crowd.


KinLetters_007KinLetters_003 KinLetters_004KinLetters_008KinLetters_005KinLetters_002KinLetters_001





Written by Sarah Stacke

May 7, 2013 at 5:01 pm

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