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09.18.10 A Reasonable Facsimile

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Based on Baudelaire’s claim that a photograph can never be an authentic copy of real life, each photographer will interpret one another’s photographs in a visual conversation that progresses around the country. It’s a photographic experiment in interpretation that functions similarly to a game of visual telephone. This project explores the complexity of communication, perception, and inter-connection in an increasingly globalized/digitalized world.    — Michelle Westmark

Earlier this year I was honored to be chosen as one of twelve photographers to participate in  A Reasonable Facsimile, a project created and led by Michelle Westmark.  This “game of visual telephone” began in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a photograph taken by Michelle.  She then sent a 4×6 postcard of the image to the next photographer in the chain.  This photographer interpreted the image with an original image, and sent a 4×6 postcard of the new image to the next photographer.  The project proceeded around the country in this fashion and ended in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  It is important to note that each photographer only saw the image that they received in the mail.  The progression of the chain was not revealed until all twelve photographers had finished.

New York was stop number seven.  The postcard I received was from Charlotte, North Carolina, and I carried it with me everywhere I went for two weeks trying to decipher its meaning.  It was a self-portrait taken on Cinco de Mayo in the photographer’s home.  The subject was pictured looking out her balcony — it was personal, but at the same time distant.  I responded by making a photograph called “In Bed” that was sent to Delaware.  To view the entire chain, and learn about upcoming exhibits, please visit the website I created for the project: http://www.facsimileproject.com.


In Bed - New York, NY - 5.29.10 - 77 F



Written by Sarah Stacke

September 18, 2010 at 1:08 pm

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