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06.09.10 Stanley Crouch and Leymah Gbowee

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Sometimes, even after living in New York for 10 years, I am surprised by what this city can offer.  Last month I was lucky enough to be invited by Stanley Crouch to attend a breakfast honoring Leymah Gbowee, the leader of the Liberian Mass Action for Peace, an organization of Christian and Muslim women that united to end the violence in Liberia.  Leymah is a central character in the powerful documentary, Pray the Devil back to Hell, which chronicles the efforts of Liberian women to bring peace to their war-torn country (www.praythedevilbacktohell.com/v3/).  As I listened to her speak about her efforts to achieve peace, and what she plans to do for Africa in the future, my resolve to work with an African community deepened.  Although Leymah was inspired to take action because of the civil war that was destroying the lives of Liberia’s people, her core message was that it doesn’t take a community disaster to become involved.  There are communities everywhere that have a story to tell.  (Thank you, Stanley.)

Stanley Crouch and Leymah Gbowee

MothSHOP at City Winery

MothSHOP at City Winery


Written by Sarah Stacke

June 9, 2010 at 10:17 pm

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